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How many minutes you need to install a LED wall pack light?

  • 2018-04-26

Many sellers are saying that thier LED wall pack lights are easy to install. But maybe 90% of the sellers have not even installed one by themselves. So how to know if the LED wall pack lights are easy to install as the sellers claim?

If you are in LED lights industry for years, you can see all most all the LED wall pack need to disassemble, remove the light cover, knock the inlet port and screws parts of the fixture backside, then fix the LED wall pack lights to the wall and connect the wires, put the light cover back and fix it.

If the manufacturer claims that their LED wall pack are easy to install, if you care much about the installation, you can ask them the detailed reasons.

From what I know, there are some LED wall pack lights are really save time to install but at the expense of waterproof function. Once you need to use the LED wall pack lights outdoor, you should watch out this issue.

Do let me know if you know some good idea or design to make it easy to install the LED wall pack. Our team is working on it too, hope we can have good result in the near future.

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